Thursday, February 19, 2009

child abduction

Child abduction is a serious problem in today's world. Abduction by strangers is not the only type of abduction. Parental abduction is a large and growing form of child abduction. The website's goal is to provide a major resource of information for parents who have been victimized by the child abductor. You may be living a parents worst nightmare, but you are not alone. Information empowers and breeds hope. Never give up.

The functioning of 17 children who had been abducted by one parent but subsequently returned was examined. The parent to whom the child was returned completed a behavior rating scale on the child for each of three time periods: pre-abduction, immediately post-abduction, and follow-up (the present time). The parents also completed a measure regarding the coping strategy they utilized while the child was missing and a measure of their own functioning at each of three times: pre-abduction, during the abduction, and follow-up.

The results indicated that the child was rated as functioning worse immediately post-abduction than at pre-abduction and at follow-up was functioning between that reported at pre-abduction and post-abduction. However, the level of maladjustment was not in the severe range at any of the assessments. Parents reported using a problem-focused or action style of coping. Parents also reported that their psychological functioning decreased during abduction and then improved at follow-up. Again, functioning was not in the severe range at any assessment. Variables such as age at the time of abduction and length of abduction were only minimumally related to parent or child functioning.