Friday, January 9, 2009

the funniest moment that i have ever experience in my life

Last 1996, my father was work as a navy at TLDM, Lumut, Perak. TLDM had a project team work at Italy for made new ship at there and TLDM sent few navy who are bachelor or was married. my father's name was listed to going there. so, my family was excited to follow my father. we were prepared to go to Italy by 1month. we lived there around 2 years. when we arrived there, we were very happy because it was our 1st time going oversea. my sibling and I studied at school of Malaysian students. at school, I met with many friends who are follow their father for same job. i have a special friend, zaimah but she is so quiet girl. she never believed in herself. she never believed that she was capable of success. as a result, she never put in her best effort to do anything, even in her studies. she thought of failer frightened her. somestimes, her mother would ask her to mop the floor. zaimah would start with zest, but halfway through she would give up saying that the work done was not satisfactory. she was not an active person like my others member.
one day, our school had camping near a forest. everyone chipped in to put up the tents. zaimah and i were sent to look for firewood. we went together into the forest because the other were busy with their work given done. after getting firewood, we tried to find our way back to the camp.but after walking around for about half an hour, we realized that we had lost our way!!!
suddenly, we came face-to-face with a bear. the animal looked ferocious. what a fright we had! we start running. it was 1st time i swa zaimah run so fast! there were many trees around we. with thwe bear so close at zaimah and me, we had to make a quick decision. gathering all our strenght we had, we climbed up the nearest tree. we were saved! after a while, the bear went off in serach of food we though. our face were so scared about the incident.
when we arrived to the camp, we told what happen justnow. the other friends were laughing when heard our story because the bear that we story was not real animal, it was our friend, hilmi. he want to scared zaimah, not me. but zaimah and i were afraid about the animal justnow. it was so embrassed for me.
hilmi want make zaimah as a active girl and more friendly with friends. zaimah was ashamed with all her friends.
from that day onwards, zaimah was quite different person. she become more confident. now, when we met in gathering, she always embrassed with the memory. that is one of my funniest moment in my life when i lived at oversea